Nursie Gear

604 N. Cecil Street

Hobbs, NM 88240

(575) 602-1860
Mon - Fri, 10am - 6pm
Saturday, 11am - 3pm

Nursie Gear is all about original, witty, thoughtful designs inspired by 16 years in the nursing profession. We sell nursing shoes, t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, coffee mugs, equipment bags, and other cool gear and equipment for nurses and members of the healthcare profession. 

Hello, I'm Lorie. I started Nursie Gear, in part, because I have something to say.  Everywhere l looked for nursing t-shirts I saw the same old thing. I was tired of so many old, boring, worn out t-shirt designs and captions, replicated ad nauseam, and I thought I could do better.  So many of my designs come directly from my experiences. Things, that quite honestly, I probably wouldn't say out loud to my patients. It's freeing to find an outlet for my thoughts, something to laugh about later.  

The healthcare profession has seen some very dark days of late and I wanted to see a few more smiles in the world.  We're constantly being told that "We are in this together", and we are. It's up to us to help each other through this, just as we got through the Spanish Flu, Polio, Smallpox, and any number of hideous diseases that have come down the pike since the beginning of time.

I am working hard to bring the best quality in everything that I sell, and strive to offer the best products and customer service I can.  I am always open to comments, suggestions, and your own stories as well, and will welcome them all.


Lorie Lee